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Photo Journal

An Arctic Expedition

From Greenland to Northern Canada

There are many destinations on my travel ‘list’. But, it wasn’t until an opportunity to go to the Arctic presented itself, that I realized this was a place that should have been at the very top of that list!


In July, 2016, myself, along with all the other travellers, met up with our Adventure Canada group in Pearson to board a plane from Toronto, Canada to Kangerlussuaq, Greenland. This group of travellers, as well as the crew,  would be my community for the next two weeks as we set off on an expedition, travelling across the Arctic waters, while making select stops along the way.


What sets Adventure Canada apart from your average cruise is that we were exposed to cultural talks and presentations daily.  And, as a photographer, my favourite part was that Adventure Canada had teamed up with Nikon Canada meaning we were able to borrow any equipment to help us capture different varieties of photos. As an avid Nikon user, this was a dream! From journalists, to filmmakers and  nature/culture enthusiasts, we were a group of many but were connected by our similar interests and curiosities. 


With everything we experienced–and there were a lot of amazing moments during this 2-week time period– something that will always stay with me were the quiet moments on the ship’s stern.  Sitting alone with a borrowed a ukulele, strumming the strings and humming the melodies of the songs which I barely knew how to play, while watching the bright blue arctic waters, will sit in my memory forever.

The fjords, the many zodiac rides, the animal sightings, the crisp summer arctic air, having 23 hours of daylight and enjoying the vast ocean view with both the sun and the moon in eyesight and the people, both on the ship as well as those we met along each stop, really enhanced this journey. Oh, and of course, jumping into the arctic water! These are some of the moments that made this experience one I will never forget. Each image I took captured a specific moment, a feeling, a memory.  When I look back, it’s as if I am still there.

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By Aleyah Solomon

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