Barcelona, Spain

In the Mediterranean metropolis, terraces are abuzz; people seem to spend every minute of their free time outside – strolling, drinking, eating and conversing. If New York is the city that never sleeps, Barcelona is the city that never retreats. Except when it’s time for a Sunday siesta.

Like most of our featured talent, actress Greta Fernández couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. A mid-sized cultural hub, Barcelona strikes a balance between being accessible and enigmatic. It has more UNESCO World Heritage sites than any other city in the world, yet its historical structures never get old. Meanwhile, architect Ricardo Bofill and street artists Mina Hamada and Sixe Paredes contribute to its endless progress. As for fashion, brands such as Mireia Playà and Paloma Wool are giving new life to “made in Spain” collections.

Inside the issue

Barcelona Issue - Contents
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