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Barcelona Packing Guide

Packing Tips

Barcelona, Spain

A free-spirited energy flows through the streets of Barcelona, where locals take a decidedly unfettered approach to dressing. Like the city’s lush gardens and whimsical Gaudí architecture, there’s no lack of imagination, colour and diversity when it comes to personal style. Barcelona is the largest metropolis on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Known for its distinctive location between the water and the mountains, nature is a prime source of design inspiration. For travellers packing for a trip to the Catalan capital, almost anything goes – after all, Barcelonans are celebrated for their non-judgemental approach to fashion. However, there are a few items you’ll want to have in your suitcase. Following a 10-day trip to Barcelona in preparation for Here & There Magazine’s next issue, our co-founders share a few of their travel essentials.  

“The whole time I was in Barcelona, I found myself looking up at the ornate buildings and palm trees. It was very sunny, so I was rarely without my Jordaan Clip On shades from Etnia Barcelona’s Vintage Collection. I love that they’re made with original metal and acetate from the 1970s.” –Julia 

Etnia Barcelona Sunglasses
Etnia Barcelona Mission District

“I have a large collection of sunglasses but Etnia’s Mission District sunnies are different from my other pairs because of their clip-on lenses and red accent colour. I’m a fire sign – red is my colour but not one I wear often, so I’m trying to add it into my style a bit more.” –Aleyah

“I really like the beachy vibe of this People’s Project LA off-shoulder dress. The flowy cut and long bell sleeves are perfect for balmy yet breezy temperatures. It’s always nice when one item can take you from morning to evening, especially on days filled with interviews, meetings – or even a quick beach break.” –Julia 

People's Project LA off-shoulder dress
People's Project LA Zamora tunic

“I tend to wear a lot of navy/black and white, and really loved the feather print on PPLA’s Zamora tunic. It’s easy to wear on our  long days walking around and shooting – super loose and comfy!” –Aleyah

Native Shoes Mercury Liteknits
Aleyah Solomon in Urban Outfitters dress

“A versatile black dress is a must for any trip, especially in Europe. I really like Silence + Noise’s t-shirt midi dress because I can pair it with different accessories to change the look. I’ll often wear it with sneakers like Native Shoes’ Mercury Liteknits. Wearing them feels like walking on a cloud! Because the upper is made entirely out of fabric, like a sock, they don’t pinch. Plus, they’re vegan!” –Aleyah

Tilley Summer hat in the cactus garden
Tilley Raffia Fedora

“I tend to wear a lot of black but still try to find pieces that feel unique. This blue embroidered top from Free People immediately caught my eye – it was like it was calling my name from the rack! It also happened to be a perfect match for eclectic, bohemian Barcelona. I paired it with Tilley’s raffia fedora while exploring Montjuïc. Walking around Barcelona, you can’t help but notice that nature is everywhere – I especially loved the cacti.”



“I don’t have a strict beauty regimen but I’ve recently started taking note of my skincare routine and the importance of moisturizing daily. It’s especially essential when I’m shooting outside in the sun and travelling, which can be a bit more stressful than a typical day, so I don’t look as tired as I feel. While in Barcelona, I got in the habit of using Vichy’s Idéalia peel and energizing cream. I started getting into natural remedies a while ago for pain and other ailments. The “Pocket Farmacy” from Saje is pretty cool and has a variety of remedies for different things; plus, it’s the perfect size to throw in my bag. I’m pretty sure ‘Pain Release’ is my most used one!” –Aleyah

French brand Vichy products
Saje Pocket farmacy for travel

“My skincare routine is fairly minimal while abroad. I don’t have room in my luggage for dozens of products, so I tend to only bring along a few essentials that I use daily like Vichy’s Idéalia serum, BB cream, bronzer, cleanser and sunscreen. I try to air-dry my hair whenever I can to mitigate heat damage. Travelling to a warm destination makes this easier but a bit of product can help, too. I recently started using Redken’s No Blow Dry Airy Cream and really like it. I’m pretty low maintenance when it comes to styling but find it gives my fine hair a bit of extra volume and texture.” –Julia

Beauty hair care - Redken
Vichy Idealia serum


By the Here & There team

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