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Chloé and Parris Gordon of Beaufille


Female empowerment shows no signs of waning. And when it comes to expressing that inner strength, fashion can be the most valuable tool at our disposal. Beaufille has once again made sure women embrace and honour both sides of their personality – the feminine and the masculine – through a collection that seamlessly merges the two into unique and effortless pieces.

Chloé and Parris Gordon’s NYFW return was marked by lots of flared cuts, bell sleeves and romantic chiffon dresses, without, however, letting go of the edgier aesthetics that have always been the label’s signature. Shiny corsets, skirts and blazers in sharp lines were paired with high-neck satin tops and statement outerwear. Oversized coats and dresses on top of flared trousers further played with the contrast via stylish and chic ensembles, complemented by black, strappy heels and studded leather barrette shoes. The collection’s colours were inspired by those found in nature, with olive and marigold at the centre of the palette. In fact, the Gordon sisters found inspiration in a piece of green-to-yellow ombre seaweed that had washed up on the shore at their parents’ summer home.

Next to the clothes’ bold designs, the jewellery presented on the catwalk was just as daring, with the leopard agate stone prevailing on earrings, necklaces and rings. Inspired by tribal patterns, many of the textured pieces appeared to be more artistic and abstract than ever. Each of them was hand-formed and one of a kind, with no two stones looking the same. The brand’s biggest to date, this stunning jewellery collection provided the ready-to-wear items with a touch of glam.

Beaufille’s pieces have proved time and again that contrasting traits can be a source of power. After all, female empowerment comes in all possible shapes; even in the form of a ‘handsome girl’. | @beaufille

Words by Konstantina Pyrnokoki

Photos by Kristen Walther

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