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Bellota Bellota

Bellota Bellota

With three locations in the French capital, Bellota Bellotas are these cosy little corners serving unique and inventive products. But their real speciality is the store’s namesake charcuterie. Jamon Iberico, which comes from acorn-finished hogs, is the cured meat you must taste at least once in your life. Their gift baskets are also perfect for a night in and a great gift for foodies.    


It all started in 1995, when Byzance, a company specialized in seafood products, decided to try something new. Its founder, Philippe Poulachon, tasted some Iberian ham during a trip to Spain. He immediately fell in love with it and developed this charcuterie with the brand Bellota-Bellota, referencing the black pig fed on mast. Bellota-Bellota is the perfect answer to any food lover’s need: whether you’re planning a quick drink with friends with charcuterie boards or just want to grab a quick but unique snack between two meetings during the week.   

Jibion 275g detouré - packshot
Nuque de thon
Moules - packshot

In fact, Bellota-Bellota came out stronger from the pandemic and grew a very special relationship with its clients, and this for 25 years now. In true neighbourhood store fashion, the corners have perfectly transformed while keeping the brand’s DNA and those unique products. You can also find all of them online and in every corner with a click & collect option as well as delivery. This is how Bellota-Bellota has come to be an ally of choice in Parisians everyday life: from lunch to after-work drinks or a night in with nothing in the fridge, you’ll find something to accommodate any taste.     


Stronger than ever with the popularity of its charcuterie, the company never really forgot about its origin and tie with seafood products. That’s why Bellota-Bellota and Byzance are releasing two new taramas just in time for the holidays. A perfect way to start celebrating with family or friends in one of their corners or in the comfort of your home! Each tarama is hand-churned from slightly smoked Icelandic cod eggs. Always looking for the very best products without losing what makes them special in the first place. This time around, the unique taramas have been associated one with berries and the other with trout eggs, not forgetting their older combination with yuzu, olives, truffle and lobster.

By Alexa Bouhelier-Ruelle
Photos provided by brand

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