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Burlington, Vermont

Burlington, Vermont

In the midst of our third pandemic winter, access to the outdoors is more important than ever.  Incredibly close to downtown, you can ski all day and après in the city all night.  If you want to try something else, Nordic skiing, backcountry touring, fat biking and snowshoeing are also easy to access. Burlington, Vermont answers the call for outdoor, nature-driven destinations while boasting innovative offerings, all that in a small city setting. Overall, Burlington is perfect for a long weekend away.

Burlington - waterfront


Of course, alpine skiing and snowboarding is a foolproof bet with Burlington boasting access in under an hour to over five major ski areas, however, 2021 has also given rise to some rediscovered and uncovered American pastimes in the snowy outdoors. Fat tire biking gear and trails can be found at nearby mountains such as Stowe, and cross country skiing at Trapp Family Lodge. Fat tire biking is much like mountain biking on a bicycle with wide tires made to easily pedal across the snow. Stowe has you covered with a range of terrain to start on as well as several shops in the area that offer rentals. So, try a new adventure and make lasting memories.

Overlooking the Fall colours


Popping up secret dinners in unexpected places around the city, Adventure Dinner brings together local chefs, farmers and producers to put on bespoke events in dream-like destinations such as barns, remote islands, beaches, forests, orchards and beyond. What started as a bi-annual event in 2015 became a full-fledged business in early 2020, just weeks before the pandemic hit. Despite that unfortunate timing, they took to heart a mission to create “safe joy” for our community through food, drink, and place. The newest adventure is always a surprise, making for a spontaneous and quintessentially Vermont experience. 

Camping food


Running from Church Street down through the city’s South End, Pine Street is the ultimate destination for brewery seekers. Home to Zero Gravity, Burlington Beer Company, Switchback, Citizen Cider, Queen City Brewery and more, the beer selection on Pine Street is unparalleled and features a fantastic variety of Vermont’s famous craft brews. Pine Street has also become the heart of the city’s natural wine scene, with Dedalus Wine and Wilder Wines vending the best organically farmed bottles. The Dedalus mission is to create deep, lasting and personalized connections to wine through uncompromising curation, powerful storytelling and immersive experiences. They’re committed to defining a new wine culture. One that closes the gap between wine growers and wine drinkers. A culture that celebrates the simple, sustaining pleasures of the table and does away with the old gatekeepers.

Hotel Vermont
Corner-King-Bedroom-Hotel Vermont


A cosy oasis in the heart of Burlington, Hotel Vermont features wood fireplaces and locally sourced details that evoke a true sense of place. Connected to Hen of the Wood serving up the local seasonal fare and craft cocktails, the hotel offers all you need in a few blocks’ radius. For a B&B feel, Willard Street Inn offers quaint accommodations in an old Victorian mill owner home turned hotel at the top of the hill overlooking Lake Champlain, just a short walk to the center of town.

By Alexa Bouhelier-Ruelle

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