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City Love - London Series

Borne out of mutual love of travel and photography, “City Love” is a series by two best friends and travel companions. It is a visual collaboration celebrating daily life through two different lenses- one a fashion viewpoint, the other a journalistic one. By focusing on an individual city, the two photographers marry their respective styles to highlight the many aspects of that city-capturing both its evident grandeur as well as the quieter moments in between.


London, UK serves as the second location in the series. One of the oldest of the world’s great cities, it was the perfect subject to draw inspiration from. With its rich history of art, fashion, architecture, and culture, the capital offered incredible moments in every corner. In between the skyscrapers and bustling crowds are serene snapshots of daily life waiting to be discovered, proving why this metropolis remain an incredible destination for many around the world.

By Patrick Lacsina
@patricklacsina x @jobertucchi

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