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Galerie Perrie

A new way to collect art

By Alexa Bouhelier-Ruelle

Gabé Hirschowitz founder of Galerie Perrie

Galerie Perrie aims to make a professionally curated collection of artwork and unique decor available for anyone to purchase online with a simple click. The gallery individually selects fresh, contemporary work from around the globe through their independent partners, and presents the pieces for direct sale to clients online. Galerie Perrie is expanding the world of art collecting in an exciting new way that gives everyone access to some of the most cutting-edge work today. Here & There sat down with Gabé Hirschowitz, founder of Galerie Perrie, to talk about the collection.

From fashion to fine arts and art consulting, Gabé Hirschowitz has always believed that art should be accessible and deeply intertwined with daily life. The founder of UNICEF’s groundbreaking Next Generation Art Party and former Acquisitions Committees manager at The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles (MOCA), she has a long history of supporting new and emerging artists, merging the same instincts into her art advising and philanthropic efforts.

Gabé Hirschowitz portrait
Gabé Hirschowitz Desert X, 2019

What was your intention when starting Galerie Perrie?


Originally, my idea was to make art collecting more accessible during the pandemic. However, as Galerie Perrie has grown, my definition of ‘accessibility’ has expanded to include bringing art from a wider range of creators to a greater number of collectors. Included in that are traditional collectors who appreciate the convenience of the platform, but also, those who might not normally feel they can access the world of art buying, whether because of location or budget. Truth be told, I spend a lot of time considering what will go into each season's collection, and I handpick and curate each piece you see online. Part of what I insist on throughout this process is accessibility because our customers include traditional art buyers and many people new to collecting. Ultimately, I love bringing beauty to others’ lives in a unique and meaningful way, so widening the pool of people who can collect just makes sense.

How would you define the current collection?


In a word, warmth, but also with a hint of the Grimms’ fairy tales. So, my focus for Galerie Perrie’s Autumn/Winter Collection has been on romantic hues and winter florals with a dash of mysterious charm.


What’s the process of selection?


I either collaborate with a special guest curator or have a personal vision of what I want the collection to feel like and curate a collection based on that. Often, I also explain my vision to the artists, and it influences some of the work they produce. The most important thing is whether something speaks to me and works with the other pieces to form an overall collection.


“The collection is refreshed every quarter, and I only choose works that I would hang in my own home. I really couldn’t choose one I liked better than the others, I love every piece.”


What is your relationship with the artists featured in the gallery?


There is a tremendous amount of mutual respect between me and the artists and hard work on both ends that flows throughout each collection. For me, claims like “The Next Big Artist” seem like pure marketing and are quite disingenuous. I know true artists by their dedication to their craft and personal creative growth, as well as by the fact that they’d rather destroy a thousand attempts than put out anything that isn’t exactly what they envision. 


Would you say that your presence online changes something to the in-person gallery experience?  

There are aspects that are different because traditional galleries are a social environment; whereas Galerie Perrie is very personal, but that’s not a matter of better or worse. For some collectors, the thought of being around others is daunting, while for others it’s the main reason they collect. The point is to open art up to everyone who loves and appreciates it so that whatever atmosphere you prefer, there is a way to access quality art that speaks to you.

Galerie Perrie - online gallery
Gabé Hirschowitz, founder of Galerie Perrie

By Alexa Bouhelier-Ruelle
Photos provided by Galerie Perrie

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