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Victoria, the capital city of British Columbia is located on the Southern tip of Vancouver Island. Unsurprisingly, the city was named after Queen Victoria of England and was settled by the British in 1843. Victoria, one of the oldest cities in the Pacific Northwest has such an amazing climate, it is no wonder that the city is internationally known as the City of Gardens. A drive around will confirm this, as everyone takes great pride in their yards. From beautiful floral beds to exotic trees, taking a walk throughout the streets makes you feel as though you are wandering in a never-ending garden.

Nantes City Guide - Here There Magazine.

With its fusion of old and new, it’s no wonder Nantes often lands on the travel itineraries of those planning a trip to Brittany. The first thing one may notice about this artistic French city in Pays de la Loire is how easy it is to discover by foot. In fact, exploration is as simple as following the green line. The unusual trail known as ‘Le Voyage à Nantes’ runs throughout the city, directing travellers to the centrepieces of Nantes’ art scene and key landmarks. From architecturally stunning French castles like Le Château des ducs de Bretagne to playful public art projects (including the city’s famed mechanical Great Elephant), this path is anything but boring. If you decide to walk the line in its entirety, make sure to spend at least two days in Nantes to see all the highlights.


Combining urban and natural highlights, a trip to Oslo is often punctuated with strolls through the city’s various organic and concrete jungles. While the idea of hiking in Norway has long enticed outdoor enthusiasts, travellers will do well to spend at least three days in Oslo before exploring the rest of the country. After all, the nation’s capital is famed for its sculpture parks, modern architecture, art galleries and eclectic neighbourhoods – you’ll have no shortage of cultural points of interest to add to your Oslo itinerary.