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Halifax, Nova Scotia

Volume One of the City Series features Halifax, Nova Scotia. Imagine a city where at any time the salty smells of the ocean breezes by, you can hop in your car and in less than 30 minutes be on a coastal hike or sandy white beaches that rival any tropical destination. This is Halifax.

Halifax is a small city with a big heart and has so much to offer from food, art, fashion, and more. From the famous seafood dishes to the taste of the craft beer scene, there is an abundance of flavours to enjoy. But don’t take it from us, explore the world of food with Jessica Emin, talk about sustainable fashions with Anna Gilkerson and Zac Barkhouse and dive into the incredible waves of Katharine Burns’ canvases.

With this guide, we invite you to experience the city of Halifax, and see how the locals enjoy the capital city of ‘Canada’s Ocean Playground’.

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