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City Series

A look at our Halifax features

Here & There Magazine's Halifax City Series features a collection of local entrepreneurs. From fashion to food, the City Series invites you to explore the local scene of the East Coast city, gaining the inside tips and tricks to travelling as a local. 

Halifax Cityscape
Citadel Hill - Halifax

Featured in the Halifax City Guide

Ana + Zac

Canadian clothing brand and retail store Ana + Zac was established in 2019 in the city’s North End, although the brand’s story actually began in 2012 when real-life partners, owners and designers Anna Gilkerson and Zac Barkhouse, started working together.

Ana + Zac
Ana + Zac - studio

Katharine Burns

Katharine Burns is a painter whose large-scale, immersive seascapes are apt to make viewers smell the salty air, hear crashing waves, and feel cool dashes of ocean spray while standing at Nova Scotia water’s edge.

Katharine Burns - Prospect
Katharine Burns - Studio

Steve Wallin & Nitasha Goel

In a day of mass-produced furniture being at an all-time high, Steve Wallin fits in to be the opposite of that. Beautifully constructed, minimalistic in appearance, Steve Wallin Furniture creates function while enhancing the material's natural aesthetic.

Created by Nitasha Goel, The Cure Skincare grew out of a love for natural skincare, with a focus on essential ingredients. More than your regular skincare brand, every ingredient that goes into The Cure products is selected for its effective properties. 

Nitasha and Steve
Nitasha and Steve - at home

Jessica Emin

More than your regular online personality who posts videos and cool images on social media, photographer and food stylist Jessica Emin establishes herself in a broader context of history and tradition while being turned towards the future of what food could be in a city like Halifax.

Jessica Emin - BTS
Jessica Emin - meal prep

Image Gallery

Words by Alexa Bouhelier-Ruelle

Photos by Aleyah Solomon

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