James Bartle

James Bartle is the founding CEO of Outland Denim, the denim brand making jeans differently and setting a new standard in fashion manufacturing. Outland Denim was created as a means to provide stable employment and economic opportunity to women who would otherwise be vulnerable to being trafficked. And James Bartle didn’t stop there. He innovated on industry standards to create a superior line of jeans with a minimal footprint. This is James’ story - from the first sparks watching a Liam Neeson movie to a truly inspiring social enterprise.


Prior to Outland Denim, in the mid-2000s, James Bartle had founded an extreme sports tour group that travelled around Australia promoting healthy lifestyle choices to mostly youths...


Lia Rochas-Pàris

Half Portuguese and Swiss-German, Lia Rochas-Pàris grew up in the Parisian art world as the daughter of an artist and a contemporary dancer. She lives in Chinatown with her daughter, Liv, in Paris’ 13th arrondissement where they both enjoy the lively art, costumes and dance. “I grew up in a very unconventional mind frame and a lot of creative freedom,” She remembers. “Which allowed me to develop my own creative process, mainly focusing on collages,” while also keeping up with her studies. Lia started with a master’s degree in Art’s Aesthetic, and then a second one in Design and Digital Art. She is a multifaceted artist who doesn’t hide her need to constantly research, learn and understand. “I always needed some kind of theoretical aspect to challenge my mind.” She defines another reality, from different elements while keeping some kind of duality as a motor of creation...


Experience the Camino de Santiago
The Camino de Santiago is famously regarded for its euphorically enlightening experience. Attracting thousands of searching folk every year to its various routes, it winds its ways across Europe to the Santiago Cathedral – the burial site of Saint James - offering a home on the road to all. The Camino del Norte, beginning in Irun, in the north-east corner of Spain, stretches west across the countries north coast through Basque Country, Asturias, Cantabria and Galicia, the four provinces of the newest and quietest route to Santiago. For five weeks, I walked the Camino, hoping to discover the answers to many of my unknowns. Perhaps I was naive in thinking it would happen so easily for me, that I would be presented with such answers by simply removing myself from the noise of everyday life in London, but, sadly, expectation remains the let-down of reality.
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