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The New York City Issue - Cover
The New York City Issue - Contents

The New York Issue

Along with exploring lively neighbourhoods, we spent time with a few of the city’s most promising artists and designers. During our interview with Brooklyn-based knitwear maven Lindsay Degen, she remarked that the pace of New York keeps her going. Similarly for artist Hisham Akira Bharoocha, the drive to survive and compete with the city’s best constantly motivates him.

There is something about the energy of New York that makes you want to push yourself further. With this influence, our second issue showcases some of our best work. From the diverse talent featured, including renowned fashion designer Tia Cibani and visual artist Jenna Gribbon, to new creative concepts, Issue No. 2 encapsulates the diversity and momentum of the big apple.

New York City skyline
Tia Cibani's Editorial
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