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Paris, France

Volume Two of the City Series features Paris, France. You know of the grand monuments - the Eiffel Tower alone is iconic to the city and Paris is the most visited place in the world. But, what about the hidden gems, the local business owners and those special areas that make the city so special not only to tourists but the local habitants as well?

Paris is a very large city, yet walking through the different arrondissements, you begin to get a sense of community. A very walkable city, though it may take some time to really get to know each neighbourhood, there is a lot more to Paris than you might expect! In the Paris City Series you may find something you missed! Take a walk above the streets along the 12e Coulée Verte trail; enjoy an incredible cocktail in Belleville at Le Combat; enjoy the whimsical designs of Pieter Ceizer. Not being an conventional city guide, you will learn through our highlights and features, where you can find an amazing cup of coffee, or where to see an incredible Cabaret.

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