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white cut out shirt - Token Paris SS18.J

Paris Fashion Week



The trio of Token Paris, Elena Budu, Nanjika Sallet and Marie Figueredo have once again succeeded in creating a collection fit for the confident, fashionable person. With details of beading, lace, mesh, denim and buckles, Token Paris's spring summer 2018 collection is sure to be seen on the streets of the most stylish cities!


Central Saint Martins graduates Mao and Alve are the creatives behind the fashion label Sirloin. Inspired by the ‘perfect holiday’ in Miami – which they soon realized was perfect in theory rather than in reality – Sirloin’s spring summer 2018 collection remarks on how China is mirroring America in the ‘90s, becoming the new ‘land of possibilities’. Referencing classic shows such as Baywatch and Miami Vice, the designers present us with contrasting fabrics and garments in unlikely pairings; a blazer over a swimsuit or a trench coat by the pool shape Sirloin’s own version of ‘new rich’.