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 Innovations Made in France

In a little more than a decade, Picture Organic Clothing has become a foundational brand when it comes to outdoor clothing. Based on organic, recycled and bio-based materials, the brand enables fashion to go one step closer to durability.  In 2008, three childhood friends, Vincent André, Julien Durant et Jérémy Rochette had just graduated when they decided to create their own outdoor brand based on their passion. Competing with well-known brands already labelled as ground-breaking and revolutionary, it was a risky bet to launch an organic brand which gathers all the technical qualities needed in extreme weather conditions. Picture Organic Clothing is respected by both professional and amateur snowboarders and surfers a decade later. The brand reaches 1700 shops worldwide, with 12 of them are being in France. It all started in Clermont-Ferrand where Picture was born, and in March 2022, a new location opened in the very heart of the French capital. Little by little, Picture imposed its fun and coloured style: mixing the technical needs with inspired aesthetics and designs.

Picture organic cothing collection
Picture organic cothing collection

What was the main idea behind the creation of the brand?

Julien: To create a brand with a vision, that has a purpose and represents communities in sports and NGO environmental commitment, something in between Patagonia and Burton Snowboard. From the very start, our mission was to fight against climate change, but also live from our passion.

Vincent: In simpler terms, I would add that it was also the opportunity to keep dreaming while keeping close to the sports that we loved and that made us dream when we were kids. The goal was to bring something innovative and sustainable at the same time to the industry we love so much.  


Are there still challenges today when it comes to recycled and bio-based materials?

Julien: Nothing existed before, so we had to challenge industries to lead collaborative projects and make them a reality. Bio-based material is the biggest challenge. When we looked into erasing fossil energy resources from our fibres, we had to double the work just to be able to achieve this project. We have Adidas to thank, as they work on the same issue, and share their manufacturer with us – which allowed us to strengthen a need we had but also create real environmental innovation.


Vincent: On the other hand, another challenge was seen in a sea of iconic brands. We had to be innovative, flexible and a catalyst for new ideas and new materials that nobody wanted to work with, in order to be heard and make people want to collaborate with us on new projects, as Julien said. Overall, we had to prove ourselves to the world.      


 How would you describe Picture in three words?

Julien: Ride, Protect, Share. A unique visual universe, an undeniable environmental commitment, and a vision of sport as an inclusive community where performance isn’t the core aspect.


Vincent: Friends, Memories and Ride. Picture is the extension of what we do with friends. For us, what is most important is what all those sports stand for at their core and to be sure to make those values last. Nothing shiny or extravagant, just simplicity.    


What is the creation process of a collection?

Julien: We’re inspired by home design, collections are created by talented designers we have at the Picture HQ.

Where does your inspiration come from?


Vincent: Home design, architecture, environment and natural elements: pretty much everywhere outside of the fashion industry.


What’s the next step for Picture?  

Julien: Be a leader of the “action-outdoor”, where sharing, inclusivity, modernity and wellness are the core principles.

Vincent: Carrying on further into innovations, from our products or how we communicate around sensitive issues in an educational way. The idea is to be smart, liable and reasonable in our growth.  


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By Alexa Bouhelier-Ruelle

Photos provided by brand 

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