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Pigmentarium: A sensory dream

“A scent timed by the beats of our hearts, one that speaks of its own poetry and brings the mind to cerebral ecstasy.”


Pigmentarium is a Czech perfume house founded in 2018 by creative duo Tomas Ric and Jakub F. Hiermann. The brand uses quality products such as essential oils and natural ingredients in order to locally create genderless perfumes. Pigmentarium was born from the need to create timeless scents allowing people to be immersed in unique olfactive experiences. Ad Libitum, Murmur, Erotikon and Paradiso are the four fragrances offered by the brand, as well as a selection of incense.


What’s the idea behind the name of your perfume house?


Thomas: We live in Prague, a city full of ancient houses and a magical history that permeates today's modern city. The word based on Latin refers to the environment of scents and colours. It connects the old with the present and thus, in our opinion, perfectly describes the brand.

Pigmentarium product
Tomas Ric and Jakub Hiermann
Pigmentarium full products

Jakub studied perfumery in London where he lived before moving back to Prague, his native city. Tomas, who has a background in economy and fashion business, is the CEO of Pigmentarium. Together with artists, they create symphonies of senses. “Art is the image of the time and its highest possible expression.” This cooperative spirit let the artistic approach blossom, inspired by history and those who came before them such as Adolf Loos, Mies van der Rohe, František Drtikol and Karel Čapek. “We want to pay tribute to them with our work. Our campaigns celebrate their work: houses, armchairs, shade lines, and hidden codes.”

Is it challenging to work together as a duo?


Thomas: Sometimes I feel yes, but when I look at things objectively, our tasks complement each other perfectly. Jakub is a perfumer, I am a creative strategist with everything that entails. According to his own vision, Jakub creates perfumes, which I place in the context of time, pictures, simply the whole story, which we tell our audience. In addition, we have the same view of quality and aesthetics.

Pigmentarium Erotikon
Pigmentarium Erotikon 2

Czech craftsmen and small family businesses take a crucial part in the individual elements of the Pigmentarium products. “We believe that things should be made where we can see the expertise of a long artisanal tradition. We collaborate with sculptor and artist Tereza Štětinová, who created unique perfume stands and incense altars. All our packaging is handmade by a traditional Prague family company as well - Studio Činčera. From the beginning in 2018, when our dreams became a journey, it was clear to us that the ethical and caring path was the only possible one.” All Pigmentarium perfumes are sustainably sourced and produced, with local manufacturers and local communities.  The value of craftsmanship and creative mind work is at the very center of the brand and their creation.

What does this local production and attention to detail mean to you?


Thomas: It is crucial for us to know all suppliers personally. These are small family businesses, we discuss and create everything together. Thanks to that, we know where the money for orders goes and where they prosper. That is At the same time we connect with craftsmen who know the history and art of our country. Here, as a source of inspiration in details, we blend into our work. For example, our font is also used on Czech printed banknotes, the logo is built as a view of the panorama of Prague roofs with towers. We use cubist furniture in our campaigns, we take photos in modern functionalist villas. Such an approach is intertwined with the choice of fragrant ingredients. Only through such a vision are we able to offer the world the authenticity, reality, and everything we love.

By Alexa Bouhelier-Ruelle

Photos provided by designer

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