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Photo Series

Poros, Greece

Poros, Greece - Photo Journal

A travel series by Taylor Simpson

Resting in the shadows of its popular island neighbors, Poros gives visitors the best of all worlds. A quick one hour ferry from Piraeus lands you right in the heart of the small and perfectly picturesque town. A blue clock tower is perched at the top of the narrow cobblestone streets filled with quintessential Greek homes. Smells of grilled fish and homemade bread linger in the warm afternoon air as you walk the promenade passing countless sailboats and impressive yachts. Quiet beaches are a bike ride away or you can hop on one of the ferries whisking you away to more frequented Spetses or Hydra. 


We count ourselves lucky that Poros was the island we set sail from for our week traversing the Argolic Gulf. Many nights later when we made our final approach, spotting the blue clock tower in the distance, we truly felt like we had come home. 

Poros Greece - boat
Taylor Simpson - reflective selfie
Scooter Ride
Poros Greece - beach

By Taylor Simpson

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