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The Beauty of Prince Edward Island

Confederation Bridge - PEI Canada

The Canadian Atlantic Provinces worked together during the summer months dealing with the Covid Pandemic so that anyone outside this area had to isolate, allowing for those within this ‘bubble’ to explore locally. Instead of international destinations, locals took to discovering what was around them. A road trip from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Prince Edward Island is merely a short three hour drive–or so, either passing through New Brunswick to cross over the Confederation Bridge or via ferry from Caribou, Nova Scotia.​

Prince Edward Island, or ‘PEI’ as most Canadians call it, is notably famous for its red soil, potatoes and Lucy Maud Montgomery’s beloved Anne of Green Gables series. A visit to PEI isn’t complete without a stop at one of its many beaches, a Cows ice cream, a trip to the fictional village of Avonlea, set in and inspired by Cavendish, or a walk around the capital city of Charlottetown. During a summer road trip throughout the smallest Canadian Province, Here & There highlights a few iconic areas worth noting.

Lighthouse - PEI
Landscape - PEI

The island itself is merely 225 km long and ranges from 3-65 km in width. Needless to say, getting around doesn’t take too long leaving much time to explore on a short weekend getaway.

Something to always consider when travelling somewhere new is finding spots that locals recommend. In Prince Edward Island, it wasn’t hard to imagine that most suggestions would be an influx of various lighthouses and beaches. So, with all the recommendations, here are a few highlights to note during a quick week-end excursion to the Island.

Cabot Beach Provincial Park

Driving from Halifax with a short drive through New Brunswick, the Confederation Bridge brought us to the part of the island where Cabot Beach Provincial Park is located.  A quick stop to put our feet in the water, we wandered out into the water to a small sand area covered with large blue lobster claws–the gulls eat very well here! This beach was quiet, had soft, white sand and warm waters. What more could you ask for?