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Tatras Film 'Chase the Light' FW20 campaign

TATRAS FW20 Campaign

"Chase the light"

The TATRAS Fall Winter 2020 collection was shot in a remote location of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The opportunity for influencer Raven Lyn and Luka Sabbat to escape their hectic everyday routines and experience a weekend of simplicity.


Rather than a typical weekend getaway to Aspen, TATRAS decided to send the influencers off to the isolating environment of Jackson Hole, to experience the “ranch” lifestyle that prioritizes respecting privacy, slowing down, centering yourself, and reconnecting with what nature has to offer. Something that is typically overlooked while travelling & working throughout busy cities.

Tatras Film Still 13
Tatras Film Still 19

The natural beauty of the landscape in Jackson Hole and all the animals throughout Wyoming embody the true essence of what TATRAS stands for; wide-open mountain valleys, rustic living and modern architecture reflecting the unique heritage of the location. The perfect place to “chase the light". 


The brand chose Luka & Raven for this project to give them both a chance to get away from their busy routines and find creativity again. On the one hand, Luka Sabbat is constantly filming, shooting and being asked to travel in and out of different cities around the world. He barely has a chance to sit still and appreciate what nature has to offer. TATRAS gave Luka the opportunity to end 2020 with a deep breath and a rejuvenating experience – something we all need. On the other hand, comes Raven Lyn. Due to her busy city-to-city schedule and coming from a remote rural hometown in Michigan, TATRAS gave her a chance to revisit the atmosphere she grew up in. Raven has always promoted a healthy, outdoor, and physically active lifestyle, and Jackson Hole was the place to help reset and center her.  From this city escape, she was able to relay a powerful message and was able to take in all that Jackson Hole had to offer.

TATRAS succeeded yet again to inspire people to get outside, give their minds a break, and prove that you can still give yourself the opportunity to take in the light that nature has to offer even during the worst of situations. | @tatras_official

Words by Alexa Bouhelier-Ruelle

Photos provided by designer

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