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The Bookshelf House

The Bookshelf House

From renovated lavish hotels to state-of-the-art boutiques and homes, when it comes to interior design, Paris lets go of outdated traditions and opts for creativity and imagination, instead. Such innovative design patterns can be found in one of Andrea Mosca’s house projects.

When a family of five living just outside of Paris decided to give their house the ‘bookworm makeover’, the Italian architect was up for the task. Mosca was first asked to renovate their home to create a warm and bright space. During the renovation, though, the family stayed at a friend’s house and fell in love with its living room bookshelf.

Andrea Mosca - Bookshelf House
The Bookshelf House
Inside the Bookshelf House

Naturally, Mosca found a way to incorporate that feature into the renovation, turning the house into what could be described as a stylish ‘live-in library’, with a continuous bookcase as its special characteristic. The Bookshelf House, as he called it, features a series of flat shelves, with the first unit going from the first floor to the mezzanine, serving as the main bookshelf in the living room as well as a railing on one side of the stairs. On the mezzanine level, it becomes a storage unit, hiding the bedroom entry and the office.

All rooms are cozy and luminous. The white-painted wood floor and the Beech bookshelves, along with the glass panel and the glass sliding door that separate the kitchen from the dining room, allow for natural light to come in. ■

Words by Konstantina Pyrnokoki

Photos courtesy of Andrea Mosca

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