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Véronique Buist

Montreal-based visual artist and floral designer Véronique Buist’s work reinvents the artistic landscape through illustration, embroidery and botanical installations.

Her latest artworks revolve around a recent skill of creating her own paper by hand. Buist’s process of using the paper she makes herself and guiding the thread, thus mapping out her direction in the moment, reveals extraordinary texture combinations and a cartographic appearance once completed.  


The materials Buist employs are specifically shaped to generate a sculpted geography, a form taken by life as it spreads and organizes itself while creating new patterns that evoke nature. Manipulating her materials, Buist develops and merges the natural and the artificial, the reality and the fiction. The result of this intuitive work is embodied in hybrid objects or ephemeral installations, causing the viewer to question the form and its visual references.

After all, she only uses her embroidery thread as raw material. The thread therefore becomes the support, the pattern and the artwork itself. Since her paper is made with thread only, she enjoys that people are unconsciously looking at two different states of the thread when they see her art.

Buist graduated with a Degree in Visual and Media Arts from UQÀM.

Photos Provided by Veronique Buist

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