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Artist  Highlight

Yie Kim FW20-21

The power in femininity

Yie Kim set out to personify her appreciation of modern art and design through her brand in 2019. Her design philosophy embodies the kinship between modern art and fashion using her softly sculpted design ques of femininity which are represented in each piece. As a Korean-rooted designer and a graduate of New York City’s Parsons School of Design, she is able to capture the global world of modern art from every aspect while residing in Europe. Her expanded vision is delivered throughout her collections with quiet, yet bold, sophisticated sculpted design pieces.

Materials have been carefully selected with fine fabrics to ensure a timeless design in this fast-evolving fashion world. The collections cater to the modern person who perceives fashion as a form of art. For her SS20 collection, Yie Kim was inspired by the sculpture “Winged Victory of Samothrace.” The power in femininity shown by the beautifully carved wings is transformed into the designs with transparent materials such as organza silk to accentuate the collection’s own signature of softly sculpted ambience.

Yie Kim Collection Editorial
Yie Kim - model on a rock
Model running with the birds
Yie Kim - dramatic skies
Yie Kim - model lazing in the hay

Why did you choose to bridge fashion and modern art when creating your brand?


To me, fashion is another form of art in expressing your identity just like in modern art but with different tools. They express ideas, mood and emotions into a different level with innovative experimental forms including shapes, colours, lines etc. I believe the thinking process of design and arts are connected. Each design piece just like an art piece has its own authenticity and it tells its own story.



What are your main inspirations? More specifically, what was your inspiration for your latest collection?


My main inspirations are silhouettes, feelings, and emotions of art which I would see from many places. It can be from art pieces, or architecture, sculptures or any objects that are beautiful and modern. I visit offline and online museums, new artists’ galleries and any objects in the street, café, or shops that strongly catch my eyes. My latest art inspiration was Italian artist, Ettore Sottsass’ “Piccolo Omaggio A Mondrian Cabinet”. Its vibrance and balance in the shapes and designs inspired our new collection 2021 Drop One. Neon colour is used for the accent colour in this collection as well as its balanced symmetrical shapes and feelings.


How would you define femininity?


Ideas about being feminine, I approach from this philosophy; being confident and being progressive with who you believe you would love to be, being able to speak up your opinions, searching out for your rights as well as being harmonious and tranquil in your zone. This philosophy leads the femininity in our design in the form of being bold, confident yet soft.


What is your creation process?


After I find inspirations which make my heart race, I quickly sketch the main ideas on my phone or notebook. I sometimes research about the art piece that has caught my eyes to learn more. I draw what comes to my mind and draw again many times, figuring the connection between this art piece and my designs. It will lead and transform into each design connected into a collection in a flow. I usually start with jackets because to me, it plays up the silhouette the most.


How do you choose fabrics and pair specific materials together?


I choose fine quality fabrics to bring out the design and the best in each piece of the collection. Textures are also important to consider as it will play an important factor in forming the final design. This season, I considered colour as a factor of art function. I look forward to how it will deliver our story to audiences.


By Alexa Bouhelier-Ruelle

Photos provided by designer

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