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Here & There Magazine was created to highlight emerging artists and designers and explore areas around the world. Founded September 2015 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Here & There places focus on art, fashion and design and highlights various cities through the newly printed City Series. An international publication both in print and online, Here & There Magazine offers exclusive interviews, opinion pieces, highlights and photo series. Rather than bringing you mainstream features and highlights, the intention at Here & There Magazine is to explore through the eyes of a traveller; be shown around by a local; to feel as though you are part of the story and; to learn and discover another culture.

Here & There is a small business with a small team spread around the world. Each story we publish is thoughtfully prepared and fits the style and voice of the magazine.  Here & There is a very visual publication – only the highest quality of imagery to complete the story-telling in the most beautiful way.


Aleyah Solomon - co-founder & creative director

Aleyah Solomon
Co-founder | Creative Director

From picking up a camera at age 6, fast forward to 2005 and finally I began my studies at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD) University. It was here, I decided my goal would be to start my own magazine based on art, fashion and travel with a focus on visuals.

I was born in Nova Scotia, Canada and have lived in Halifax, Toronto, Montreal and Paris. After moving to Paris, France in 2016, it became evident that my life would revolve around this city–whether I stay permanently or frequent my travels there. I love to learn random facts about places and am really interested in history. Most of my travel destinations started out based on musicals I really liked. I was so intrigued by Argentina, thanks to Evita, and of course, Les Miserables and the Phantom of the Opera had me hooked on Paris at a young age. My latest fascination is everything drone – being a new drone owner, so that is one thing you can expect to see throughout my Instagram feed as well as some upcoming City Guides and Issues for Here & There Magazine!

Alexa Bouhelier-Ruelle - Editor

Alexa Bouhelier-Ruelle

With a lifelong passion for culture, more specifically cinema, English Literature studies at the University of Edinburgh and a master’s degree in journalism from the Sorbonne, I joined the team in 2019 as Editor. I was born in Paris but grew up in the South of France in Aix en Provence; until I graduated High School and moved back to Paris, where I have been based since then.


Living in Scotland had been a dream of mine for a long time, and in 2016, I finally had the opportunity to move there for a year. Scotland stole my heart from the very first time I visited when I was 12 years old: the culture, the history, the people and the folklore stayed with me. It will always have a very special place in my heart and definitely a destination worth discovering, if only for its capital city, Edinburgh. A very peculiar city, full of life – and mysteries, history, fog in the morning, nature, a bubbling nightlife and an internationally renowned artistic stage. What is there not to love?

Kristen Reid - Director of Business & Distribution

Kristen Reid
Director of Business & Distribution

I’ve been passionate about reading since I was a little girl. I could grab anything and devour it within minutes:  whether it be a fantasy novel or fashion magazine, I’d pick it up. If I’m not working, you’ll most likely find me reading in a cafe. I was born in Mississauga and moved to Halifax in 2012. Having lived here since then, I can wholeheartedly say I’m glad I made the leap. I attended Dalhousie in English and worked for both the Gazette and the Fashion society. In doing so, I would discover my love of fashion.Then, I attended Parsons the New School for their Fashion in Business course and soon proceeded to go after/chase my newly found passion and start my own clothing brand at 22. 

Developing younger companies is now something I am interested in, much like what I did with my own brand. I cannot wait to see what Here & There has in store for our readers in the upcoming years!

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