Here & There Magazine is a digital travel publication covering art, design and fashion in cities around the world.

Almost five years into the publication, Here & There is ready to take its online presence one step further by transitioning to print to build a different, more desirable relationship with our readers. This evolution extends to things like the quality of the photography, the production and the way the magazine is graphically designed, with added features such as intimate interviews, creatives’ portraits, and through a unique story-telling editorial style. We know that this task will be a time-consuming operation, which extends to the way we want to engage with our readers -  in a very unique way and with a product offering a curated vision of each city Here & There will travel to. The magazine is much more than a simple tool for travel lovers.

There are currently no jobs available.


Feature your brand, your adventure, your photo series or your art concept where creatives and explorers are able to express themselves! If you have an idea, send us a pitch!

Please be sure you have read through a few of our features to familiarize yourself with the style of our content prior to submitting. Those who pitch us in a style not relating to the magazine will not receive a response.


When submitting images for us to review, please send no larger than 1500px x 1500px 72dpi. Once we approve, we will ask for Hi Res.

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Here & There Magazine is an online magazine covering art, fashion and travel destinations. Exclusive issues and guides give readers an insider's view into cities around the world.
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