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Artist Festure with John Joseph Hanright
Artist Feature | John Joseph Hanright
Americana Nostalgia
Artist feature with Lindsey Price
Artist Feature | Lindsey Price
Enter a visual paradise
Artist feature with Elizabeth Barlow
Artist Feature | Elizabeth Barlow
Explore her world of flowers
Artist Feature with Castro Frank
Artist Feature | Castro Frank
Catching the Light
Artist feature with Feldsott
Artist Feature | Feldsott
The works of an independent spirit
Artist Feature with Darvish
Artist Feature | Darvish
Fantastical imagery in Urban Myth-making
Art Journal highlighting London England
Art Journal | City Love
A juxtaposition artistic journal between city and fashion portraits highlighting London, UK
Artist Feature with Bockhaus
Art Series highligh with Brad Canvas
Art Portrait with Eduardo Kobra
Artist Feature | Bockhaus
Enter the world of Ryan Bock in A Conscious Nightmare
Highlight | Brad Canvas
'Vacant' offers insight into a uniform editorial shot from various perspectives.
Portrait | Eduardo Kobra
With his colour-blocking style, seen around the world, discover Kobra in Mindfully Reviving the Past.
phygital art.jpg
'One Breath' by Jana Brike.jpg
Stunde_Hour, 80 x 100cm_31 x 39in, oil on canvas.jpg
Focus | Digital Artworks
Phygitalism is the new trend
Exhibit | Corey Helford Gallery LA
Sixth Sense & Harmony with Material and Spirit
Feature | Mark Enstone
Blue Intimacy
ARAKI Shi Nikki (Private Diary), 1993
Gabé curates KAWS gallery wall
Exhibit | Bourse de Commerce
Nobuyoshi Araki and Stan Douglas
Art Feature | Galerie Perrie
A New Way to Collect Art
Kristen Herrington painting in her studio
Artist Feature | Lindsey Price
Enter a visual paradise
Bob Landström, Raven of Ganymede, 2021
Artist Feature | Elizabeth Barlow
Explore her world of flowers
Turquoise current figure - Nikolina Kovalenko in front of her painting
Artist Feature | Feldsott
The works of an independent spirit
Bibliothèque publique de New York, Vivian Maier
Exhibit | Musée Nationaux-Grand Palais
Vician Maier
Marla Benton Ceramics
Bronson Shonk painting in his studio
Portrait | Bronson Shonk
A slow but steady growth
Artist Salman sitting in his studio
Sabina Hill's artistic interior
Artist Feature | Marla Benton
Please feel free to touch the art!
Artist Feature | Salman
Drawing on Emotions in Abstract Art
Feature | Sabina Hill
Where two design cultures converge
The Irishman's Daughter by Chris Brandell
Eline Martherus stands infront of her works
How does it make you feel_.jpg
Artist Feature | Chris Brandell
Intuitive Painting
Portrait | Eline Martherus
Walking among two worlds
Exhibit | Female Artists Club
"Different Strokes"
A Reflective image of Hope Curran in Paris
Artist Feature | Hope Curran
A Creative Anchor
L’Amazone Érogène by Oki Sato at Le Bon Marché Paris
Exhibit | Le Bon Marché
L'Amazone Érogène by Oki Sato
Lily Wills by Tatiana Wills
Feature | Tatiana Wills pt.2
The Art of Adaptation
Andreas Eberharter in one of his masks
Portrait | Andreas Eberharter
Glamour accessories with an edge
Sacree Frangrine illustration
Laurence de Valmy in studio
Feature | Laurence de Valmy
Approproation and social media
Tatiana Wills portrait with camera
Feature | Tatiana Wills pt. 1
A Photographic Narrative
Blasians book by Sonikem x Smaïl Kanouté
Portrait | Smaïl Kanouté
From Paris to New York
Chicago Strong Mural during the protests of 2020
A posed image of a man in black and white by Daniel Sackheim
Feature | Sacrée Frangine
Draw it like a girl
Highlight | Chicago Murals
The artistic reaction as seen throughout the city
Drone image of Efdot in his painting basketball court
Feature | Efdot
Murals for optimists
Portrait | Daniel Sackheim
A photographic series of dark spaces
Seek One Studio photo
Feature | Seek One
An urban art odyssey
Greenland 2015-17
Underground Circuit GIF
Barbara Cole's image Arrival
Portrait | Patricia Carr Morgan
An artist's plea to Earth
Kle Mens, Madonna Lactans
Feature | Yuge Zhou
In-between the East and the West
Rachel Saunders sitting in her studio in Victoria BC
Feature | Babara Cole
It's all about the shapes of water
An image of Picasso's pregnant women statue with a famous Giacometti in the background
Feature | Kle Mens
An exploration of religion and feminism
Portrait | Rachel Saunders
A feeling of tranquility
Exhibit | Musée Picasso Paris
Merging the styles of Picasso and Giacometti
A portrait of Gretchen Andrew, 2020
Portrait | Gretchen Andrew
Debunking Power Structure
Inside Andrea Mosca's Bookshelf House
Design | The Bookshelf House
A literary haven blending home and library
Inside the Opera Gallery in NYC
The Hunter Museum in Chattanooga Tennessee
A work of collage by Lia Rochas-Paris
Highlight | Opera Gallery NYC
An interview with curator Gille Dyan
Design | The Hunter Museum of American Art
Situated by the Tennessee River in Chattanooga, the Hunter Museum is more than just a building that houses art, it's a work of art itself
Portrait | Lia Rochàs-Paris
Exploring dark spaces through her works of collage.
Jenny Sharaf poses with some of her artworks
Portrait | Jenny Sharaf
Inside the colourful world of artist Jenny Sharaf
Responsive International Art Project in Halifax Nova Scotia
Greta Fernandez in Barcelona
Highlight | Responsive International Art Project
Embracing innovation and connectivity in the digital age of art
Portrait | Greta Fernández
The rising Barcelona-based actress
Artist Amanda McCavour finishing her pigeon pieces
Portrait | Amanda McCavour
Using thread to create new worlds
A street in Brooklyn with a view of the murals and the Williamsburg Bridge
Highlight | Murals of Brooklyn
Walking around Brooklyn, NY, one can really explore the evolution of street art
Naomi Frears - From the Garden Drawings Rousham.jpg
Peter Lanyon - Saltillo.jpeg
Feature | Naomi Frears
There are love letters and then there are painted love letters.
Portrait | Taryn Walker
This West Coast artist is transcending boundaries
Exhibit | London Beaux-Arts Gallery
An exhibit of four major British Modernist artists
Hate Copy exhibit in Paris France
Exhibit | Phillips Auction
Hate Copy's first Paris exhibit 'FIGHT BETI, FIGHT'
Markus Klinko's image of David Bowie with a teeth baring wolf dog
Portrait | Markus Klinko
A visual tour of 'Bowie Unseen'
An image of Jeff Lowe's sculpture 'Eugenia's Aria', 2019
Feature | Jeff Lowe
An interview with the artist about his latest project "In The Close Distance"
Portrait of artist Jade Van der Mark
A portrait of illustrator Emma FitzGerald
Portrait | Jade Van der Mark 
An exclusive interview with the London-based artist.
Portrait | Emma FitzGerald
City exploration through illustrations
Hombroich cube
Highlight | Insel Hombroich
A haven for art and nature
Artist Adrien Saporiti next to his I Believe In Nashville mural
Portrait | Adrien Saporiti
The artist who believes in Nashville
Zoe Boivin's wall of sketches and inspiration
Portrait | Zoe Boivin
Colours of curiousity
Star Portal, 2020 by John Peralta
Feature | John Peralta
When engineering meets art
Greek artist Sotiris Fokeas in his studio
Weavings by Mimi Audellynn
Feature | Sotiris Fokeas
This artist expresses that happiness is a state of art!
Portrait | Mimi. Audellynn
Threads of Pura Vida
Painterly underwater photogragh of three women
Feature | Christy Lee Rogers
In search of freedom
Jarvis artwork
Feature | Jarvis
An artistic journey
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