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Here & There Magazine is a digital and print publication focused on creating and sharing experiences through travel, fashion, art and design. With a curious mindset, Here & There's aim is to bring attention to emerging talent, intriguing ideas, cultural customs, and events from around the world. What better way to experience someone's home than to view it through their eyes?

Here & There's digital content consists of weekly content within various themes of art, fashion, lifestyle brands, travel destinations, travel experiences and photo journals. Each month one city destination is highlighted in the Travel section to explore and experience what makes that place so unique.  Also included are artists, fashion and other lifestyle brands, and custom features tailored to each issue's theme.

In 2021, Here & There printed the first City Series, which features one city and explores select areas, neighbourhoods, cultural highlights and local entrepreneurs. Following the success of the first City Series, H&T will highlight a new city each year and feature local contributor's words and image series to allow our audience to experience that specific place from those who truly know and love it. Combining the contributor pieces with Here & There's team exploration delivers an insider's 'guide' around the city.

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Here & There Magazine publishes a collection of timely stories, working within our network of international contributors, tourism boards and brands. Each feature is categorized into: 


Inspiring readers to experience travel like locals, the Travel section covers various areas such as travel tours, top city sights and hidden gems known to locals, as well as other points of interest within the FeaturesJournal, Experience and Explore. Within the Destination Highlights, Here & There works with select brands and tourism offices to further recommend where to stay, where to eat and what to pack.


Featuring talent across a range of disciplines, the Art section includes exclusive interviews, studio visits, and artist exhibits broken into subcategories such as Portraits, Q&A Artist features, Museum/Gallery/Events.


Formally known as the Fashion section, Lifestyle focuses on capturing the global fashion scene as well as promoting and highlighting global brands and cultural opinions with designer interviews, editorial photo shoots, studio visits, product features, opinion pieces and runway highlights. These can be found as Portraits, Features, Focus, Editorials and Fashion Week Highlights.


Go behind-the-scenes in our exclusive, in-depth interviews with recognized artists, designers and influencers in our Portrait section. These features are created specifically from in-person or video chat conversations, and most times with an exclusive photoshoot.


The Journal highlights a photographers’ travel excursions through a series of photos, and is paired with brief, relaxed copy based more on personal experiences and the journey - a more polished ‘journal entry’.

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Featuring select destinations around the world, our City Series focus on architecture, design, art and location-specific highlights vetted by influential locals.


Formally known as our Curated City Guides, our previous cities include: Nantes, France; Oslo, Norway; and Victoria, Canada which are sold as digital copies online. In September 2021, Here & There released the first City Series focused on Halifax, Nova Scotia, which was sold online worldwide and in select shops around Halifax. In December 2022, the Paris City Series was released online and within select shops. 

Inside the City Series

Similar to the online content, the City Series is made up of three main categories: art, lifestyle and travel, and includes Portrait features, Journal series, and locally specific cultural features – something distinctly linked to the city being featured. The main 'star' of these series is, of course, the city itself. Everything reflects back to the city and is explored within neighbourhood pieces, local entrepreneurs, intriguing architecture and various places known to locals for outsiders to enjoy while they visit.


Upcoming City Series

TBA - release date Winter-Spring 2023-24

More info available upon request

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The City Series

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Through 2016-2017, Here & There Magazine published two digital volumes of issues: Volume One (Toronto, New York, Miami and Montreal); and Volume Two (London, Paris, Barcelona and Vienna).  


Featuring talent across a range of disciplines, the Art section includes exclusive interviews, studio visits and city tours. Inspiring readers to travel like locals, the Explore section covers a selection of neighbourhoods, hotels, shops, museums, galleries and points of interest. Each city’s fashion scene is illustrated through our City Editorial, in which we collaborate with local creative teams, and in-depth features on local designers for our Fashion section. Highlighting architecture and interiors, the Design section showcases contemporary buildings, spaces, firms and independent designers.

Focused within one city, Here & There explores and discovers specific elements which are special to this one place, as told through the stories of the locals that live and work there. Outlined through four categories: art, fashion, design and exploration, Here & There pieces together the sense of community and culture in various cities around the world.

NEXT ISSUE: TBA for 2024



Here & There has worked with many brands through partnerships and advertising, like Converse, Manitobah Mukluk, Patagonia, David's Tea and more. When you advertise with Here & There you become part of the content rather than a space on the page, intriguing our audience to engage rather than pass by. There are two variations for advertising: print and online. 

Print Advertising Opportunities 

Full Page Ad 

Inside; Front Inside Cover/Back Inside Cover

One-page or double-page placement in our City Series


Sponsored Feature

A sponsored section highlighting select hotels and retail locations in the featured city. Advertising options range from sponsoring the entire section or a single placement. The feature includes photography and a write-up about the property, hotel group, brand or boutique in relation to travellers staying in the city.


Branded Feature

Custom four-page advertorial in our City Series (front of book placement available). Copywriting and photography services are available upon request. Advertorial is supported with social media promotion across Here & There Magazine’s platforms.


Product Placement/Highlights (formerly known as ‘packing guides’)

A selection of products fitting best the destination featured in the City Series as a sponsored spread, mention or . Advertorial includes product photography and copywriting services.   


Blank Canvas - submissions

Double page inside the issues/city series - this space is open to creatives from the city like poets, illustrators, etc. Our blank canvases are open to all artists as submissions and will be approved by the creative director.


City Series Opportunity for local artist

Open proposal to city specific creatives to create an exclusive map to insert into the city series and sell in online shop.



Contact for upcoming cities:


*prices available upon request


Online Advertising Opportunities 

Journal Feature

Documenting the travels of up-and-coming or established photographers; behind the scene tour of a designer's studio; or a personalized feature taking us through your work and process, the Journal Features are designed to give the audience a peek into the life of a creative through their own words and lens.

Includes: copy editing, curated series, layout, promotion

Photographer keeps all rights to their work


Portrait Feature

A longer, more in-depth interview feature.

Includes: interview (in-person or via video call), copy editing, original images/provided images, curated image selection, layout, proofread w/ 2 revisions


Regular Features 

Art - interview with provided images

Fashion - interview with provided images or exclusive shoot with full creative team for original images (price to be determined)

Travel - Within the Travel Section are two new categories: Explore, which offers in-depth exploration of a location including information on the founder or brand concept and any notable design features; and Experience, which offers a full featured highlight of your hotel/concept/brand in the form of an original experience with the Here & There team.


Digital Advertising (in collaboration with our creative director for aesthetic)  

• Intro Mural space (first page people see)

• Homepage ad banner (different options of placement) 

• Banner placements (either homepage, travel/fashion/art section) 

+ social media weekly post/pinned story for a week 

+ Newsletter placement


Social Media

• Promotion Boost + to promote content indefinitely (repost month after) social media weekly post/pinned story for a week

• Product Giveaway - partner with brand/agency to giveaway item and promote via social + mini ad feature

• Sponsored post - mini ad feature to post via social media *must fit style/aesthetic of magazine

• Be part of a Instagram Guide (includes promotion across all platforms + Newsletter)


Partnerships (Print + Digital) 

Tailor-made to suit each client’s specific needs, and directed by the magazine’s creative director and editorial director. Here & There’s collaboration is an innovative way to communicate unique experiences with engaging multimedia and interactive solutions.


*prices available upon request

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