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Female Artists Club - Different Strokes artists

Female Artist Club's "Different Strokes"

“Different Strokes” from the Female Artist Club is an exhibition located in Brussels that started as an open call to female artists of different disciplines to co-create artwork. The exhibition has grown from highlighting an international and multidisciplinary selection of 19 creations including installations, paintings, photographs, drawings, prints, sculpture and video to a festival including interactive workshops.

During the months of the pandemic, this whole encounter has pulled together artists of different approaches, generations, experience, and vision allowing them to experiment in collaboration. This year-long isolation has shown us all the importance of being in touch with others which has projected the connectivity of art to artists with the viewers.

Over the years, the art world has stepped away from being accessible to all and has become a business for elitist groups with an exuberant amount of wealth and influence. The Female Art Club’s mission is to take back art from those people and share it with anyone who is interested. They pride themselves in spreading art from living female artists and representing diverse cultural backgrounds.

A bond that can never be broken
(Conformeren, rebelleren)or somerhing in between

Alongside the new pieces making their debut, a handful of interactive workshops will also be available to the public. This includes dance collective, Sidewards who will be giving their first viewing of 'If You Want, Maybe Not', a performance that immerses the audience into an exploration of boundaries and an imaginative world of intense encounters. 


A music-driven workshop from members Alex and Vero of HoneyPoney – a group that will be creating experimental beats and lyric writing with children that have a passion for electronic music, will be demonstrating the artistic research needed to create a piece of music.


Lastly, Olivia Hernaïz has created Art & My Career, a board game highlighting the issues of the under-representation of women in the world of art. This work was created based on the hundreds of testimonials and features of women in the art world ranging from artists to museum curators to professors. 


The exhibition will be running from the 29th of April to the 2nd of May at LaVallée in Brussels. If you are unable to visit in person, the exhibition can be found online starting the 30th and you are able to register for the workshops online. | @femaleartistsclub

Words by Ayanoh Nakamoto

Photos provided by Female Artists Club

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