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Juana Martin SS21

Juana Martín

Córdoba, patrimonio de moda

Juana Martín presented her SS21 collection Córdoba, patrimonio de moda on January 27th during Paris Couture Fashion Week, in collaboration with UNESCO and its World Heritage Sites. There are four places in Cordoba designated as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO: The Mosque of Cordoba, The Old Town, The Patios Cordobeses and The Medina-Azahara. Each of these spaces has served as a source of inspiration for designer Juana Martín for the elaboration of her designs. 

When asked about her style, Juana Martin said, “It’s a very personal style. From my roots and traditions that I always try to export and take it into a more modern, current, new, and cosmopolitan dimension. But above all else, the DNA of the brand are traditions and culture.” Cordoba is the city where she was born and its unique and emblematic places are references for the designer. "We can say that they are engraved in my blood”, said Martin.

Juana Martin SS21 in Cordoba
Juana Martin SS21 shot on the streets of Cordoba

For the first time in fashion, and thanks to the collaboration of the Cordoba City Council and the Delegation of Tourism of Cordoba, these four historical areas have become the stage and the incomparable setting for the video presentation of Martin’s collection. “The bond with the city and my new collection is obvious and very strong.” The white of the lights of Medina Azahara (City of Light), the black of the intimacy of prayer at the Mezquita and the intense colour of the buganvilla, so characteristic of the Cordoban Patios, are the signs of identity and emotions that the designer conveys through her unique pieces.

What are your main sources of inspiration? 

“My main inspiration is everything that surrounds me. I’m a gypsy woman which means that I’m opening borders, breaking stereotypes, stating that as a woman I’m free to do and go anywhere I like. But it’s also everything that has to do with my culture and our way of life in Andalusia.”  


What is your favourite aspect of the city? 

“What I like the most about Cordoba is its cultural wealth. Even if the people, the light and colours are what make the city richer every day. Wherever you move around Cordoba, there is a life of its own. I live there and experience the unique opportunities the city has to offer with my family and friends. That very aspect is my favourite because I believe that is exactly what makes us grow as a person, and that is also why I fight for my land to be known and preserved.”     


Each look in Martin’s collection is paired with jewellery from Facet. With more than 30 years of experience, this jewellery brand has valued the commitment to responsibility, transparency and integrity within their production process. As one of the pioneers awarded TRACEMARK (traceability seal). Facet is the perfect travel companion for designer Juana Martin to add even more sparkle to her Spring Summer 2021 collection. | @juanamartinoficial

Words by Alexa Bouhelier-Ruelle

Photos provided by designer

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