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A Kayak Tour around McNabs Island

A Kayak Tour in Nova Scotia

When you visit a city like Halifax, Nova Scotia, it’s easy to become enthralled in the local scene tasting the latest catch of the day at one of the many seafood restaurants, or enjoying a local beer from a brewery. But another thing that is hard to miss is the history this city holds.

The Halifax Harbour leads into the Atlantic Ocean, and at the mouth of the harbour lie two islands. McNabs Island is the largest of the two, at the head of the Halifax Harbour. While evidence of the military fortress, Fort McNab, remains, the island is open to the public with over 22 km of marked trails making it easy to explore. The smaller of the two is Lawlor Island, which is a natural area and not open to the public.

Growing up by the ocean, I never really gave it much thought, or really appreciated how lucky I was to have the ocean as my backyard. The smells and sounds of the water are incredibly  therapeutic. It is the perfect location to decompress, to sit with a book or to meditate by. The salty air alone is enough to rejuvenate you after a long day. When you come to Nova Scotia, the ocean is never far from view, and to avoid it takes a great deal of effort. Being in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean in a kayak, like I was in the summer of 2018, is a feeling you never forget. Getting to know the ocean from within, the sun beaming down with the gentle waves hitting the sides, is an experience every one of us should have at least once in our lives.

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By Aleyah Solomon

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