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A Charming Mediterranean City


Moving to a new country is one of the most exciting, yet challenging, experiences. In September 2021, my family and I took this leap of faith and relocated to Larnaca, a port city on the South Coast of Cyprus. As a resident for about two months now, I have learned a lot about Larnaca’s lifestyle, culture, and places. It wasn’t my first visit to the city, yet, it keeps on surprising me with its hidden gems and stunning views. 


Despite the challenges we faced, our relocation has been an enjoyable experience. Our apartment is near the city center, where everything is accessible and within walking distance, so our adaptation has been much easier than expected. Moving at the beginning of September, I came to realise that it is one of the best months for relaxing on the never-ending sandy beaches. Our beach experience on the island with our three year old daughter has been a delightful one. Some of Larnaca’s beaches are known for meeting the highest worldwide standards of safety and cleanliness, and its shallow beaches are very convenient for families. Parents can enjoy their time, while children build castles and swim in the sea.

Along the sea
city life

Strolling around the city has become a part of our daily routine. Whether through walking down the long beaches or wandering from one street to another in the city center, our active lifestyle has helped us explore the city, and meet some residents and visitors along the way. 

What makes Larnaca’s streets unique are the gracious blend of old and new. One minute you are enjoying the modern aspect of the city and the next you will find yourself admiring the arches of an ancient historical monument or capturing the beauty of an old door. The Byzantine church of St. Lazarus, located in the heart of the city, is one of the many historical sites. This church has become a happy place for my three year old daughter, who frequently spends time there scouting and running after pigeons. I am amazed by the Cypriots' friendly attitude with children, making it a pleasurable experience to raise a kid on the island. 

Walking through the streets
Larnaca market street

As we walk through the streets, we find ourselves in front of captivating old doors and eye-catching colourful street art worth capturing. There is something about Cyprus' old doors and street art that makes you stop and stare, and of course, many feel the urge to strike a pose in front of them, just for the memory.


The nightlife in Larnaca is vibrant and lively, people go out to enjoy the different kinds of restaurants and bars scattered all over the streets and beaches. One of the things I appreciate about the nightlife is that we feel safe wandering the streets. Despite the conflict that has troubled the region, Cyprus is a very safe area to visit, with one of the lowest crime rates in Europe.

By Nada Richa

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