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West Hollywood's Petit Ermitage

West Hollywood's Petit Ermitage

Tucked away in the winding hills of WeHo lies the luminescent entrance of Petit Ermitage. Friendly artists and artsy misfits can all find a temporary home in Petit. After all, Buzzfeed referred to the establishment as “the weirdest hotel in the US”. Here, you can let your creative juices flow without judgment or worry. Petit prides itself in offering LA locals & wandering talents the full experience of shameless indulgence.

Inspiration can be hard to find even in a city as big and diverse as Los Angeles and that’s where Petit comes in. Each room is enveloped with a unique cultural theme to awaken the stories of writers and musicians alike. The head chef’s dinner menu is influenced by his nomadic travels around the world. Even the website nurtures creativity, through eclectic tunes from Petit's very own “Nomad Radio.”

Petit Ermitage
Inside Petit Ermitage

Artists often dabble in escapism – I should know, I am one myself –and this boutique hotel has provided that escape since its founding by The Brothers Ashkenazy ten years ago. Make note of the package deals aptly named “doggy-style” and “the never-ending hangover” which reflect the owners’ sense of humor all the while attributing to the appeal. Taste-testing Petit’s Witching Hour tequila-based cocktail while checking out its Monday movie night on the rooftop fire deck can be a perfect night cap to a day of writing and rejuvenation. Of course, happy-hour afternoons, a Friday night musical performance by singer Toledo – the popular among visitors 'Toledo Show' – and flashy burlesque shows add to the fun, encouraging creatives to push beyond their imagination.

A retreat for the anomalous soul; that’s what Petit aims to be. Take a trip down its rabbit hole and you might find it's true. | @petitermitagehotel

Petit’s current artist-in-residence is Swedish-born photographer Daniella Midenge whose bold and eclectic images can be found on the hotel’s website and instagram. Midenge spent a number of years working in Berlin before landing her first major magazine feature shooting the cover for Marie Claire magazine in New York. Since moving to LA, Midenge’s work can be found in many notable magazines including Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar as well as her book “Sex and Cigarettes”.

Words by Raven Moran

Photos by Daniella Midenge (provided by Petit Ermitage)

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