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Tatras SS20 Paris Fashion Week

Tatras SS20

Giving New Meaning to Fashion Trinity

Founded in 2006, Tatras cemented a strong reputation on the International fashion market, with high-hand jackets. For this new Spring-Summer 2020 season, creative director Masanaka Sakao bet on colours and prints.

Layers, the title for this collection, was developed by Masanaka Sakao and presented on September 29, 2019, during Paris Fashion Week. The fashion show took place at the Garage Lübeck, in the very heart of the chic 16th arrondissement, in a completely revamped atmosphere. For the occasion, the garage was draped with tall LED screens, where you could find colourful flowers and perfectly green grass. A beautiful depiction of blazing nature.

Backstage during Tatras SS20
Models wearing floral pieces - Paris Fashion Week SS20

On this gloomy Parisian Sunday afternoon, a total of 27 bold looks were unveiled before hundreds of fashionistas’ eyes. Each model was wearing complex floral wigs, with intertwined natural leaves, to create a joyful spirit that resonated like a promise for the sun to come back very soon in the French capital. At first glance, the collection appears slightly overwhelming however it reveals itself to be the perfect means to convey the celebration of life and nature, which is dear to Sakao’s heart.

Showing a wide range of silhouettes, this collection explores the idea of pleats and layers and questions the relationship between accumulation and discipline. Tulles and more technical fabrics coexist with neon colours and lightning effects, with different layers of jackets, leggings and sweatshirts. Floral print – groundbreaking – mixed with zebras, leopards, waves and wind. As all contemporary pieces do, the final looks challenged the perception of Tatras's audience resulting in the ultimate lesson of soft and light.

With this new collection creative director Masanaka Sakao wanted to be authentic. To him, the trinity of science, creation and nature add up to create ART. A challenge achieved to perfection as the show ended with applause and look of delight as they acclaimed Mr Sakao, illuminating this rainy Parisian Sunday afternoon. In this way, Tatras gave a whole new meaning to the fashion trinity expressing a mix between science, creation and nature to create art. | @tatras_official

Words by Alexa Bouhelier-Ruelle

Photos provided by Tatras

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