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TommyXTimberland FA21

Back To The Nineties
Tommy Hilfiger x Timberland

Kids of the ’90s are getting their nostalgic fix, thanks to the latest collaboration from heritage brands Tommy Hilfiger and Timberland. Hip-hop dominates global culture these days, but it wasn’t always that way. In the ’90s, hip-hop hadn’t yet reached its pinnacle of influence, with that decade’s rappers, producers, and stylists grinding to lay the groundwork for today’s cultural domination; such as Snoop Dogg, Usher and Aaliyah who were often seen in baggy jeans, oversized jackets and work boots. During that time, two brands were hip-hop’s constant companions: Tommy Hilfiger and Timberland. And now that hip-hop has taken over the world, it’s only right that the brands will link to drop a collection honouring both labels’ rich cultural impacts.

Tommy Hilfiger and Timberland hail from very different origins but in the ‘90s, the two gained a new cultural standing that would forever tie them together in our collective memory. After years of living in parallel, the two have teamed up on a two-part collection that revisits their shared heritage and revives the carefree spirit that we so fondly associate with the last decade before the Internet. Gen Z’s recent obsession with the “retro” look has catapulted both brands back into the spotlight. The first drop is part tribute, part reinvention of their archives, and see them rework some of their most iconic and beloved silhouettes.

TommyXTimberland FA21 - white tee
TommyXTimberland FA21 - navy hoodie + yellow dress
TommyXTimberland FA21 - yellow hoodie

"This partnership with Timberland has been such a creative adventure for me and a long time coming,” said Tommy Hilfiger about the collaboration. “Diving into our archives and reliving that optimistic, ‘anything is possible’ energy of the ‘90s along with Timberland was a great and nostalgic experience.”

The collection pays tribute to the colourful signature styles and bold aesthetic that defined the decade that shaped them. Think giant logos and oversized cuts on ‘90s essentials such as varsity jackets, carpenter pants, and 6-inch Timbs. The 17-piece capsule brings back hero pieces from their archives, reworking them through a lens that's one-part prep, one part outdoor. For example, multi-functional pieces like the zip-off carpenter pants and the two-in-one reversible varsity jacket are the perfect blend of outdoor functionality and Americana style. The colour palette takes a similar approach. Throughout the range, Timberland’s signature wheat and orange complement the heritage red, white, and blue synonymous with Tommy Hilfiger. A hybrid logo fuses the brands’ emblems and appears in small, big, and—true to the ‘90s—huge placements throughout the collection.


To bring the collection to life, Tommy and Timberland returned to the streets of NYC enlisting the help of skate photographer and collage artist, Jack Greer, and videographer, Malt Disney. Tapping into the collaboration’s concept of sampling, Malt Disney created an atmospheric video to accompany Greer's signature style of collage that captures the collection's bold '90s aesthetic and spirit of renewal. | @tommyhilfiger | @timberland

By Alexa Bouhelier-Ruelle

Photos provided by brand

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